gross national product

gross national product
( GNP)
Measures and economy's total income. It is equal to GDP plus the income abroad accruing to domestic residents minus income generated in domestic market accruing to non-residents. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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gross national product ˌgross ˌnational ˈproduct abbreviation GNP noun [singular, uncountable]
ECONOMICS the total value of goods and services produced in a country's economy, including income from abroad:

• Three percent of the country's gross national product is devoted to research and development.

inˌflation-adˌjusted ˌgross ˌnational ˈproduct ECONOMICS
gross national product after increases in prices are taken into account:

• Forecasters now look for the inflation-adjusted gross national product to decline by 1.3%.

per ˌcapita ˌgross ˌnational ˈproduct ECONOMICS
the gross national product of a country divided by the number of people living there:

• The oil project could transform the fortunes of this country, which has a per capita gross national product of just $180.

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   ► See GNP.

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gross national product UK US noun [U] ECONOMICS
See also INFLATION-ADJUSTED GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT(Cf. ↑inflation-adjusted gross national product)

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